Tree Trimming: Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro

There is a great deal of people like you who search for DIY tips on the Internet, wanting to attain a skill or two that can help you save every penny in your bank account. Although it is handy to attain this skillset, there are still some tasks that should be crossed out from your DIY list.

You might ask yourself:

“Why should I spend my hard cash on a professional tree care service, when I am confident that I can work around the job as a promising DIY-er?” It sounds feasible, right? 

But the tea is? You may think that taking care of your trees is as easy as reciting your ABCs but you couldn’t be more wrong. You can trim some of it and you can chop a major branch or two; however, if you had committed a mistake then you could end up having a massive dent in your funds or even worse, landing yourself on a hospital bed.

If you are still a doubting Thomas, here are 3 more reasons why you should pick up your phone and hit up the professional tree trimming services available in your area.



  • Don’t Dance with Death


You’re dancing with death if you dared to trim your trees by yourself. There are numerous ways you can hurt not only yourself but also others nearby—chopping a branch only for it to knock you off your ladder or using your tools like your pruning shears only for you to make a rookie mistake. 

One false move and you’ll be bound with a lifetime of regret.

Other than that, did you know being an arborist (your tree surgeon) is one of the deadliest jobs in America? In light of this reality, it should go without a saying that you should let the professionals do their work.

Don’t put your life at risk by carrying out this dangerous task, especially as an amateur who followed the tutorials and advice found on the Internet. 



  • They Learned the Ropes of Tree Care


If Reason #1 still didn’t deter you from DIY tree trimming and you want to buy the needed equipment, just so you know these tree care instruments are expensive. FYI, they are even worth more than it would cost you in hiring an expert.

“But what if I do have these pro tools?” 

Did you know exactly how to utilize them in taking care of your trees? 

The most probable answer is no

“But I can study–” 

Did you really think researching tree care is enough? Another question that answers to definite no.

These hours of reading will never equate with the years of experience that experts have. These tree surgeons have spent years after years mastering their field and this expertise definitely attaining their skillset.

Columbia Tree Co.

Their eagle eyes will notice the factors, like the risks and health of the tree, that can affect their work. They learned the ropes of evergreen. They know what to do for the tree to fall to a suitable drop zone by studying its structure, shape, and angle of inclination.



  • Down to a T


Tree surgeons are precise and detailed; hence, their name. They know how to take down the tree’s component methodically, piece by piece, in order to achieve their job victoriously and safely. Not only they are doing this for the aesthetics, but also the health of your evergreens. From start to finish, they will take care of everything that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Tree trimming is something that you shouldn’t do on a whim. The results of DIY tree trimming can get ugly, something not so Instagram-worthy. So stop talking yourself into thinking you can truly use the skill set and take on a DIY tree trimming project. 

Hire arborists to do their job so that the horror you call your yard will finally turn into paradise!